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Call for Nomination 2020 Election EAIR Executive Committee


The EAIR Executive Committee consists of nine elected members (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and five other elected members), nominated by and elected from the Association's membership for a period of three years.



Your EAIR relies upon a strong, active and vibrant Executive Committee (EC) to further develop the association.


This year there will be three vacancies for the Executive Committee:

  • Attila Pausits, EAIR’s Chair. He will stand for election for another period of three years. 

  • Nicoline Frølich, EAIR's Vice-Chair. She will stand for election for another period of three years. 

  • Jennifer Murphy, co-opted member, Host university.

Clarification of the responsibility placed on each member of the EC:

  1. It is expected that the elected member will actively contribute to achieving the objectives of the society.

  2. Specifically, each elected member to the EC will hold a portfolio of tasks in one or more aspects of the EAIR’s activities.

  3. It is expected that all EC members, in person, attend both the Annual EC November meeting in the Netherlands and the Annual EAIR Forum (including a pre- and post-Forum EC meeting, both taking place at or near the Forum venue).

  4. EAIR will only cover your accommodation expenses for the Annual EC November meeting in the Netherlands. This EC meeting usually starts on a Friday (late morning) and ends on the Saturday – early afternoon.

  5. Travel expenses to and from the Annual EC November meeting in the Netherlands and the Annual EAIR Forum are the responsibility of the elected member to the committee as are the accommodation expenses for the Annual EAIR Forum.

Nomination for the election

If you feel that such an undertaking is something you are willing to do then please let any member of the EC know and they will find a proposer for you to ensure that the procedures are followed according to the EAIR Articles of Governance. The term of service is three years. Of course, the current EC members are also willing to provide you with more details on the tasks of EC members, if required. You can find their email addresses at the end of this News Alert.

The closing date for nominations is Sunday, 31 MAY 2020 (00:00pm CEST).

Please note that you are only eligible to take part in the 2020 EAIR EC election and nomination if you have fully paid your 2020 EAIR membership fee.

The nominee is required to submit an “election text” (see below) to the EAIR secretariat by email (, together with the completed “2020 EAIR EC Election Nomination Form”, bearing in mind the deadline above.

The “Election Text” of the nominee must contain the following:

  1. Details of the nominee: name, current position and country.

  2. As a nominee please indicate in 200 words (this is a strict limit), what you offer the EC and EAIR membership.

Email addresses of the EAIR EC members:


Attila Pausits                 

Nicoline Frølich            

Rosalind Pritchard         

Ton Kallenberg             

Mark O’Hara                           Mark.O’

Isabel Roessler             

Bruno Broucker            

Tony Strike                    


Nomination Form

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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