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EAIR is governed under Dutch law. Please find below the latest versions of the Constitution and Bylaws.

   EAIR Constitution in English              EAIR Constitution in Dutch

   EAIR Bylaws in English                        EAIR Bylaws in Dutch


In the past five years, EAIR has continued to build upon its success as an international Forum for higher education researchers, practitioners, managers and policy-makers. EAIR has organised well-attended Forums in Essen, Krems, Birmingham, Porto and Budapest.

Despite successful Forums and general positive appraisal from the membership for the activities the organisation carries out, it cannot be denied that we have fewer members than a number of years ago and also that we mainly depend on the success of the Forum. This has reflected upon our financial situation, which is currently not worrying, but needs further improvement. The negative trend of the decline of membership/attendance could be stopped by 2017 and remains as one of the major challenges of the future. In the coming years, the strategy will be to sustain the main strengths of the association: creating the opportunity for international networking, offering high quality Forums with trusted hosts at attractive locations and other events and services, attracting additional funding towards European higher education development initiatives and projects and respecting and stimulating diversity. Our strategic challenge will be to do more for our members – under better financial and resource management – and to cooperate with like-minded organisations, and ad-hoc networks to work together and to seeking synergies. In light of these issues Tertiary Education and Management will move to Springer by 2019, and as the editor’s position is limited to two terms, EAIR will look for a new editor-in-chief from 2020 onwards.

EAIR Strategy Plan 2018-2023

Annual Reports

Every year the Executice Committee, through the Annual Report, accounts to its members for all activities undertaken in that specific year. The Annual Report is discussed in the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Annual Report 2019/2020

Terms and Conditions


EAIR has Terms & Conditions in place for:

Membership Application & Termination (Membership Policy) and for the

Annual Forum Registration & Cancellation (Cancellation Terms Forum Registration)

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