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#EAIR2019 in Leiden

Responsibility of Higher Education Systems: What? Why? How?



The 41st EAIR Forum addresses the responsibility of higher education systems in three main questions: What? Why? How?. We are looking for answers on pressing questions, on experiences of universities, their members and their stakeholders, on lessons learned, discussions and exchange about the topic of responsibility of the Higher Education System.

Track 1 Governance and the Responsible University

◆ track chairs: Frans de Vijlder (HAN University of Applied Sciences) & Rosalind Pritchard (University of Ulster)

Track 2 Responsible Management

◆ track chairs: Maarja Beerkens (Leiden University) & Göran Melin (Technopolis)

Track 3 Quality Management for Responsible Higher Education

◆ track chairs: Roeland Smits (Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences) & Joke Hageman

(Avans University of Applied Sciences)

Track 4 Responsible Teaching & Learning

◆ track chairs: Don Westerheijden (CHEPS - Twente University) & Thomas Harboe (University of Copenhagen)


Track 5 Responsibility of (Applied) Research

◆ track chairs: Roeland van der Rijst (Leiden University) & Regina Aichinger (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria)


Track 6 Institutional Research for Responsibility

◆ track chairs: Mark Neijssel (Leiden University) & Nynke Jo Smit (Erasmus University Rotterdam)


Track 7 Responsibility of Higher Education for Society and Labour Market
◆Track chairs: Marc Vermeulen (Tilburg University) & Saskia Ulrich (CHE Centre for Higher Education)


Track 8 Responsibility for Internationalisation

◆ track chairs: Marieke te Booij (Leiden University) & Markus Wachowski (Kiron Open Higher Education)


Track 9 Responsibility for Continuing Professional Development

◆ track chairs: Maarten van de Ven (Leiden University) & Maria José Sá (CIPES)

Track 10 Responsibility for an Innovative Future

◆ track chairs: Marcus Specht (Technical University Delft) & Karl Ledermüller (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

Here you can download the Call for Proposals.



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