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Policy Terms

This policy serves as a digital consent as detailed below for the participant/applicant/registrant ("You", "Your"), and the EAIR - European Higher Education Society ("Host", "We", "Our"), and programme partners and subsidiaries ("Partners", "Their"). It applies the the online and in-person events and activities of the Host and Partners, namely the annular forum "EAIR Forum" and smaller events "Mid-year Events." (collectively "Events"). 

Terms & Conditions

Data Use
By selecting the checkbox associated to this policy page, you, consent to the Host and Partners sharing your data for the express use of administering the Event and distributing information related to the Events. 

Data Storage

Your data is stored securely on EU-based Microsoft servers and within the WIX platform Customer Relations Management data base by Wix partner "Ascend". 

Read their policies HERE, HERE and HERE. <-add links!!

Consent for Photography/Filming

We will be using photographs and/or video recordings which may or may not include images of You both internally and externally to promote and disseminate the Events, Events activities, and those of the EAIR generally. These images could be used in mixed media formats including print publications, websites, posters banners, advertising, film, social media, teaching and research purposes.

By accepting this Policy, You understand that images on websites can be viewed throughout the world and not just in the country you are located and that some overseas countries may not provide the same level of protection to the rights of individuals as EU legislation provides.

You understand that some images or recordings may be kept permanently once they are published and be kept online as archive of the Events activities.

By accepting this Policy, you agree to having read and understood the conditions and consent to your images/video recordings being used as described.

Right to Decline

Should you wish to have your <--NEED TO ADD THIS and contact details for DPO and organisation. See templates online.

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