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Don't delay, book your accommodation in Malta today!

Are you joining us for the full, on-campus EAIR Forum experience? Book your accommodation in Malta at a place of your choosing! We have partnered with the luxurious 4-star Dolmen hotel and are providing transport from the Dolmen Hotel (which also hosts our welcome reception) for all those in the vicinity. See our recommended options below or find your own and we will send out a survey to confirm your accommodation arrangements.

The Dolmen.jpg
Relax in 4-star comfort with arranged transport to and from the MCAST campus venue and additional events. 

On 4 September, pre-registration, welcome event and meet & greet will be held here from 17:00.
Looking for a unique stay in a boutique fort-hotel? Take advantage of the 10% discount offered by the Cugo Gran, contact Niki for a direct booking HERE.
Cugo Gran.jpg
Student accommodation available. Submit your request here.
Looking for alternative options?
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