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#EAIR2019 Programme

#EAIR2019 Programme

Integrating integrity – the organisational translation of policies on research integrity



Responsible Management


Lise Degn, Aarhus University, Denmark

Single presentation - 30 Minutes



This paper is concerned with responsibility, namely the responsible conduct of research, and how this is managed inside HEIs. The empirical case is the Danish higher education system, where both universities and university colleges are tasked with translating the Danish national code of conduct into organisational policies and guidelines, which make sense to researchers across the disciplines and institution types. The paper explores how academic leaders translate national and organisational policies on research integrity, and how this affects how responsibility is distributed within HEIs. The central question posed is how academic managers in Danish research institutions navigated the task of integrating codes of conduct into their institutional setup, and how they navigate the pressures that come from inside and outside of their organizations for higher performance and greater output, while maintaining focus on responsible conduct of research.

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