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#EAIR2019 Programme

#EAIR2019 Programme

Intersecting responsibilities in HE: quality teaching and learning as a joint institutional effort



Responsible Teaching & Learning


Simone Adams et al, University of Graz, Austria

Single presentation - 30 Minutes

August 26, 2019 at 9:15:00 AM



The paper addresses the question of interconnectivity and interdependency of distinct responsibilities with regard to teaching and learning in HE which can be ascribed to different academic stakeholders and interest groups. In the framework of a triangular perspective on responsibility which takes into account the governance level of HEI as well as teachers and students we discuss several initiatives which have been taken on by the University of Graz in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning. The aim is to show how the different responsibilities interact and which efforts could be made to foster the linking ties between them in order to further improve the quality of teaching and learning in HE, bearing in mind the acquisition of key competences in particular.

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