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#EAIR2019 Programme

#EAIR2019 Programme

Responsibility and autonomy – how we are designing, developing and validating the social competences of students?




Ewa Chmielecka, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

Single presentation - 30 Minutes


to be announced

The DASCHE Erasmus+ project: “Development, assessment and validation of social competences in higher education” [] underlines the need for such HEIs activities understanding it as a realization of the third mission of universities and the idea of responsible teaching and learning. The DASCHE is developing a model of the HE graduates competences which are relevant and important for the development of education integrating positive attitude of students to the values supporting development of democratic societies - in national and European dimensions. DASCHE is also aiming to get better personal developments of students including the axiological context of education which results with graduates being able to support professional ethos. The context of the DASCHE project is created mostly by the Bologna Process indicating that preparation for life as active citizens in a democratic society is one of the main purposes of higher education. Also other relevant European strategies requesting for social competences of the HE graduates are elements of the context as well as implementation of European Qualifications Framework containing the pillar “competences: autonomy and responsibility”.

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