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#EAIR2019 Programme

#EAIR2019 Programme

Tracking the Risks of Internationalization of Higher Education: Global Trends and Institutional perspectives



Responsibility for Internationalisation


Ekaterina Minaeva et al, Higher School of Economics Moscow, Russia

Single presentation - 30 Minutes



The 5th Global Survey conducted in 2018 by International University Association aimed to track the changes and the global state-of-the-art of internationalization of higher education in different regions and worldwide. The Survey included an analysis of the risks of internationalization as perceived by higher education institutions. The first part of this paper provides an analysis of the Survey results at global and regional level, both for institutional and societal risks associated with internationalization. Differences among Higher Education Institutions of perception of risks of internationalization is discussed. The second part of the paper focuses specifically on brain drain as a major risk of internationalization at regional level. Given the diversity of the push-factors in developing countries, it is challenging to provide analysis on an institutional level or even specific country level. However, we suggest the framework of initiatives for universities both in developing and developed countries that can be used for reduction of brain drain and for sustainable internationalization.

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