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#EAIR2019 Programme

#EAIR2019 Programme

What works with work placements?



Responsibility of Higher Education for Society and Labour Market


Ingvild Andersen Helseth, NOKUT, Norway

Single presentation - 30 Minutes



There is political and societal pressure for a clearer connection between academic studies and the working life that students are to take part in. Work placements are often seen as part of the suggested solution to the (perceived or real) lack of relevance. This is also the case in the Norwegian context, despite the number of challenges those with a long tradition for work placements encounter when it comes to the quality and quality assurance of placements.

In this paper, we want to identify, interview and showcase programs that may be said to conduct “good practice”. What is it that they do that appears to work well? Hopefully, this will be of inspiration to higher education institutions in Norway and beyond.

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