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#EAIR2019 Programme

#EAIR2019 Programme

When Organizational Identity Guides Change: Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences and the New Research Policy



Responsible Management


Silke Preymann et al, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Austria

Single presentation - 30 Minutes



Programme leaders (PLs) are an important target group to translate inclusive practice into action. Although, HEIs rely heavily on their PLs in the development, delivery and management of study programmes, PLs have been poorly prepared and supported in ensuring student success for an increasingly diverse student population. This paper suggests that a generic one fits all diversity-training does not meet the very different requirements and individual challenges programme leaders face in their everyday work. Trainings for academic middle management require input, which sparks reflective loops and gives insight for future practice. Complementary coaching and mentoring models intend to strengthen the capability for self-reflection and are meant to foster informal exchange and reflective practice amongst peers. Within a European funded project, a consortium of four European HEIs is currently developing a blended-learning training on inclusion and diversity management (IDM) for programme leaders. PLs will be coached to design and deliver more inclusive curricula and classroom settings that manage diversity from a more holistic angle to improve student attainment for all.

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