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#EAIR2019 Programme

#EAIR2019 Programme

Mapping of responsible internationalization of higher education in four key activities



Responsibility for Internationalisation


Adinda van Gaalen, Ghent University (External PhD student), Netherlands

Single presentation - 30 Minutes



The current discourse on internationalisation of higher education (IoHE) includes an awareness of both desired and undesired consequences. This awareness is often related to ethical or (social) responsible internationalisation. Some undesired consequences are more extensively discussed in the literature than others. Also, a comprehensive analysis of undesired consequences and the resulting ethical dilemmas is lacking thus far. Based on literature analysis this presentation explains how the UN value framework of People, Planet and Prosperity (3Ps) can be used to systematically map the most prominent undesired consequences of IoHE across four main clusters of internationalisation activities. These include outgoing credit mobility (OCM), incoming diploma mobility (IDM), internationalisation of teaching and learning (ITL) and transnational education (TNE). Against the backdrop of heated debates over the effects of internationalisation in various countries worldwide, the 3P framework supports a more conscious, systematic and comprehensive approach to undesired consequences and resulting ethical dilemmas, both in the internationalisation discourse and in policy and practice. 

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