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Proposal submissions 2022

Official Submissions Closed

If you have received this link and wish to submit,

your submission may be considered. Please confirm with

Submit your proposal in 3 easy steps!

download and complete the submission template

Complete the form and upload your proposal in word format

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Submitting a proposal for a single presentation, workshop, panel, roundtable? You're in the right place! Keep scrolling for details!
Submission Templates

Please be sure to rename your document according to: 2022_Surname_NumberOfTrack_TitleOfPaper.


For a poster, please download and paste the EAIR logo onto your poster. Please also include the title of the conference and the hashtag #EAIR2022 on your poster.

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*Please indicate the format of your proposal
Please upload your completed .docx / .doc proposal here (be sure to use the template above)
*Upload your proposal

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Are you under the age of 35? Apply below for our Outstanding Paper Award!

We are planning for our first hybrid forum! What is your preference for attendance? (More information to follow soon)

The submission can take a while. You will be redirected to a submissions page if successful.

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Please note: If your paper is accepted, you need to register for the Forum and pay the Forum Fee.

Have you considered joining the EAIR? EAIR members receive heavily discounted rates! 

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