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TEAM - Tertiary Education and Management

Call for Papers: Special Issue in TEAM

Strategic Management in Higher Education: conceptual insights, lessons learned, emerging challenges


The special issue aims to attract studies that contribute to enhance our understanding on theory and practice of strategic management in higher education. Papers need to include a comparative perspective, whether cross-sectional of time-related, and need to be contextualised against an international background.The submission deadline is

Friday, 25th of June 2021, manuscripts shall be uploaded trough TEAM online system.


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Tertiary Education and Management (TEAM), the journal of EAIR – The European Higher Education Society, is an international peer-reviewed journal intended to create a better linkage of research, policy and practice in teaching and learning as well as in higher education management, governance and organisation. Being an interdisciplinary and international orientated journal, TEAM welcomes research contributions that reflect upon, study or question main developmental trends and practices, and address current and future challenges in higher education.

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